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D.O.P.E. (Dismantling Oppressive Patterns for Empowerment) Collective is an anti-oppressive project-based collaborative primarily led by creatives and theorists ages 18-35.


D.O.P.E. Collective was established in 2015 as a volunteer arts network for members to create opportunities and build their skills through concept, design and implementation. Our goal is to foster relevant, accessible, well-versed and sustainable learning tools while demystifying institutional, colonial, and traditional practices. 


Projects can range from presentations to product design or digital content to hosting an event. We embrace the varying ways people experience concepts such as those whose culture or ability differs from our own.


With help from our expanding community we can share and assist to advance members’ personal development and project quality. Some are new to the scene while others are vets still open to learning -- and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Spring 2022 Selection

We select applicants for Spring 2022 during February-March.



D.O.P.E. Collective welcomes prospects of all skill levels and projects of all phases. We accept members bi-annually with two distinctions in Headliner Memberships (artists and theorists), and Hypemxn Internships. 

Membership dues are $10-20 sliding scale and can be paid via cash, Zelle, or cash app.


  • Applicants must be age 18 or older.

  • Invest a suggested 3-5 hours per week on their projects for Headliner Memberships; which are valid for 8 months.

  • Invest 4 hours per week for Hypemxn Internship (3-4 months).

  • Be able to attend remote consultations (member) or trainings (intern) and bi-weekly group review meetings.

  • Be able to support fellow members' projects, morale, and development.

Application Instruction


Individuals who apply for Headliner memberships are expected to:

  • Attend planning meeting and interview for consideration. 

  • Submit 2–3 high quality media files of their work or skill(s) that displays their creativity, thought process, and/or work ethic. Please provide descriptions of the media.

  • Complete all required items for your membership or internship. If not applicable write: N/A.



Ineil Quaran

Co-Founder and 

Executive Director


Jason Cathcart

Cultural Engagement and Equity Director