Deconstructing Masculinity PT1 + PT2 focuses on how we currently view and define masculinity. What is masculinity? What is maleness? We will dive into various perspectives on modern masculinty and explain social constructs along with gender. Power structures before and after colonialism will be compared as we explore what happens when power changes and the past affects our present-day narrative. 


Topics: social, gender and sexuality, violence, trauma, intersectionality



We will explore current perceptions of masculinity by directly asking: what is masculinity? What forms of masculinity exist? How does various forms of masculinity manifest through various identities? We will then drive into the impact of colonialism and eurocentric value systems on culture, gender, body and beauty ideals, self determination and power. In our contemporary society, lasting values of the colonial era still are with us. The traumatic effect of our personal upbringing, societal influences, and colonial past will be discussed through group narrative work.

- Masculinity and masculinities
- Social constructs
- Gender as a social construct
- What is colonialism?
- Trauma and childhood development
- Narrative work and identity structure


After a brief intro to colonialism in Day 1 we present "Colonialism Pt 2." The direct lineage of euro-centric systems and power can be seen throughout various colonized countries and people of African, Asian, Indigenous, Hispanic, and Latinx descent. What did societies look like before European violence? What is decolonizing? What does decolonizing "look" like today?

- Effects of colonialism in the Caribbean and Africa
- Gender roles, sexualities and power structures in pre-colonial societies
- Elements of colonialism
- European value systems, white supremacy and imperialism
- What is decolonization?


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