Deconstructing Masculinity PT3 aims to unpack the intersections of various identities as they relate to masculinity and relationships. We will discuss sexual orientation, relationship types, body types, disability and esteem. How does masculinity impact attraction, sex and sexual media? How does masculinity impact relationship roles?

Topics: gender and sexuality, sexual violence and harassment, intersectionality, sex work/sexual labor and "sex critical" education


Have you ever thought about where or how we have formed current ideas of dating and relationships? We’re going to discuss the origins of romance and explore various changes in dating and our expectations of relationships throughout time. This goes off a variety of sexual orientations, body types and abilities; and how these identities and characteristics can translate into power.

- Body positivity

- Consent

- Masculinity and masculinities overview

- Toxic and positive relationships

- Power dynamics

- Dating styles/types



Pornography is available with just a click! Is this easily accessible sex product changing how we view relationships and sex? If so, how? In this roundtable discussion we will talk about the pornography industry, sex marketing, mainstream versus amateur pornography and sexual displays of masculine power.


- Sex work

- Sexual violence

- Power and sex

- Pornography trends and marketing

- Masculine privilege 


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