D.O.P.E. organizing is about collective responsibility and support. We challenge members to organize both healing and uncomfortable spaces, and to engage in community-based political action.

We expect members to:

  • Agree with our guiding principles and mission.

  • Promote collective and partnered events.

  • Attend our Thurs. biweekly meetings.

  • Dedicate at least 3-5 hours weekly and/or take on at least 3 tasks.

Volunteer opportunities are available as well. Subscribe for updates.

*Core memberships will be considered after at least 6 months of joining. 


Usually related to organizing showcases and promotion: graphic design, flyer design, sound, lighting and staging, photography and acquiring venues/spaces.


Spreading the word and keeping lines of communication open with the collective: sending reminders and updates, contacting performers and educators, meeting with organizations, social media management and maintaining our newsletter.


Meeting the community where they're at: outreach, attending and supporting events, tabling/vending, participating in protests or call-to-actions, allyship and standing by local or global acts of resistance. 


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Body Positivity and Sex Critical
We support the bodies and abilities of all people. We also promote choice regarding health decisions, apparel, consensual sexual practices, reproductive health and the destigmatization of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
Learning and Unlearning
We are all impacted by oppression, we provide accessible and affordable education to help ourselves and our community unlearn behaviors that can be destructive to marginalized groups.
Youth Leadership
D.O.P.E. Collective was founded by and is led by youth. Teens and young adults members decide what is needed regarding events, education, outreach and movement building.
The connection between oppression and trauma is necessary to address and to help destigmatize mental health within our communities. Trauma informed care is a value we use to guide our work in addition to creating inclusive and exclusive spaces to promote both critical and healing environments.
POC-Centered and Decolonization
Gaining knowledge from out past is used to validate our identities and to progress inside of a white supremacist-colonial world that seeks to destroy and erase us. People of color, specifically, are put in the center as an act of resistance and self preservation.
Arts Empowerment
Creatives, artists, musicians and visionaries are key to community engagement and cultural growth. We provide opportunities for local and traveling artists to expand their audience, network and develop their craft.
Women, Femme and LGBTQ+ Affirming
We support the upliftment and protection of LGBTQ+, women and feminine people (of any and all genders). Many of which face various forms of violence due to sexism, rape culture, shaming, hatred aganist queer and trans people and erasure.
Respect and Protection
We respect human life and acts to protect lives from structural violence. We do not condone any form of hatred, exploitation or bigotry nor are we affiliated with any political party i.e. democrats, republicans, etc. to secure our autonomy and voice.
Identities such as race, class, gender, etc. overlap and are connected to us, meaning they're also connected to our politics. We believe in addressing both oppression and liberation intersectionality to ensure well informed actions.
Complex Masculinity
We encourage expanding the definition and expression of masculinity for men, boys and masculine-identified people to foster inner and outer wellness, kinship, health relationships and accountability
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Any general questions please mail us via: info(at)dopewny(dot)org

Inquires regarding showcases, entertainment and touring gigs please use:


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