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The following are projects created by past members, active members, and individuals whose concept or application were developed from D.O.P.E. Collective consultations. View workshops and completed educational materials HERE


Community Event

Cree Summer Chalk Walk

Cree Summer Chalk Walk first debuted at the Jefferson Avenue Arts Festival in 2019, and was inspired by North Park Theatre's Miyazaki Chalk Contest.


This annual non-competitive chalk pop-up specifically provides brown-colored chalk to freaks of all ages. It welcomes everyone to celebrate brown-skinned women and girls' image and the legacy of our Queen of Animated Voice, Cree Summer.

Created and hosted by Ineil Quaran.

Community Event

Every N!gga is a Star

"Every Nigga is a Star," on February 29, 2020 we celebrated a Holy Day in Black History: The Hidden Day

We celebrated our ancestors and mythology in our dress and performance, rewriting Black narratives in the moonlight of this night of reclamation. Hosted by Late 4 Class and Conrad Burgos Jr.


Digital Content

Team Fake Deep

"Vaseline for ya third eye. Unlearn the mis-education with us, one f*ck-up at a time. Because this woke world is TREACHEROUS. FAKEDEEP is your problematic fav featuring some dope guests." Co-created and currently hosted by Jason Cathcart.


Community Event

LSFX (2015-2020)

Legacy Sound and FX (LSFX) is a youth-driven World AIDS Day festival featuring health resources, live music and digital arts to promote HIV/AIDS awareness. This festival is hosted by Leaving Our Legacy, Erie 1 BOCES; and co-created by Ineil Quaran.

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