Violence is a strong word with complex impact. We will discuss various forms of violence (including but not limited to: gender violence, racism, police brutality, etc.) and confront our personal thoughts and impulses of how we navigate violence of self, community, and systems. We will also discussion how colonial violence affects us, especially marginalized communities; and forms of decolonial acts of resistance, past and present. 

Topics include: 

  • Gender violence 

  • Distinctions between intracommunal and systemic violence

  • Cognitive dissonance and media

  • Colonialism and decolonization 

  • Police and "rioting"

  • Non-physical violence

  • Systemic violence in Buffalo

Again and again fatal police shootings happen and tonight an uprising is occurring in Charlotte, NC. The collective's personal mourning and anger has compelled us to release our workshop today, Sept. 21, in response to the state sanctioned violence. 

9 times out of 10 legally no one will be indicted or convicted, and locally rallies (probably) are being planned... Unfortunately many of these rallies either center white voices, derail from white supremacist power structures and POC empowerment, mostly or only honor male victims of structural violence or are anti-youth. 

The following are recent victims of state and gender violence or have recently received non-indictment judgements: #TerenceCrutcher #KeithLamontScott #GynnyaMcMillen #TyreKing #TiarahPoyau  #CrystalEdmonds #RaelynnThomas #SkyMockabee #KorrynGaines #SandraBland #JerameReid


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